Diary #185 - Mindfulness and Exercise 10# - Suffering

10#  Suffering

Managing a chronic injury* over the last few months has got me thinking:

  • Improvement seems to be associated with some suffering: between 'red flags' of not-too-little and not-too-much. Jon Kabat Zinn, a mindfulness expert, calls it the creative zone.
  • The more tuned in I am to my present-moment-experience the closer I can get to the flag without shooting past it.
  • At times, shooting past is the most effective way of identifying the limit/location.
  • Ideally I should embrace productive suffering, without resentment: easier said than done but worth aspiring to.


And I wonder to what extent the above is relevant to life in general…




*Damaged ligament on right knee from repetitive sparring in BJJ (Brazilian jiu jitsu).



Author: JD

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay 

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