Diary #186 - A Difficult Course

Do not do this course if you are too busy, want relaxing meditations, are allergic to boredom or mild suffering, or are expecting a solution to life's difficulties.

Why?  Because:

  • The format is really strict:( 2x 30min meditations per day for 10 weeks).
  • You need to sit still without moving, even if irritations like itchiness, frustration, boredom or [moderate] pain come up.
  • The first meditation week is spent just focusing on the tip of the nostrils.


Why am I writing this?

  • Because I have been introducing people to different types of mind-training courses over the last 3 years and surprisingly I get more interest in this one even though I feel it is not for everyone and 'anti-sell' it, as above. Results typically take 2 weeks to start showing and require effort and patience. By results I mean: not caught up in my thoughts and being more at ease with life's difficulties.


If you are curious check out this link: https://www.micbtforwellbeing.com/

And ping me if you want a chat.



Author: JD

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay 

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