Diary #187 - Negative Bias

I find it quite interesting and helpful to be aware that the mind has a "Negative Bias", i.e. absorbs and dwells more on unpleasant thoughts and emotions. 

Apparently this is an attribute fundamental for survival:  prioritising fear and pain, rather than say joy or relaxation. 


However in a relatively safe day-to-day life, it can become increasingly unhelpful (procrastination,  frustration, worry about what-ifs.). Left unchecked it is easy to reinforce negative bias and experience it even more frequently: “Neurons that fire together wire together” –  ref Rick Hanson.


So next time I prioritise doing something fun, I can say it is to balance out the Negative Bias.

And next time everyone gets on my nerves I can blame evolution.


If you are curious about Negative Bias and ways to reverse it, here is a super interesting book: Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson.



Author: JD

Image by Nicoleta Nastace  from Pixabay 

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