Diary #190 - Fatigue

In my experience mindfulness can help (not cure) mental fatigue in two ways. 

Being intentionally more mindful, ie tuned in to my experience, I have a greater chance of 

  1. recognising what helps and
  2. putting a strategy to do it.


Here is a small example from today.  Whilst I really cannot not be bothered, I recognise that exercise is going to get me out of my slump.  However it’s so hard to get myself up.  Hmm, I know: accountability works well with me so I’m going to write on this blog post that I will go swimming.  Ok, now I’m compelled to go.


I reckon it is super interesting to invest time in become more familiar with one’s internal landscape.





Author: JD

Image by oaoao   from Pixabay 

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