Diary #191 - Unpleasant Meditation

When I sit still, meditating and it is unpleasant, I can tell myself “interesting, let’s stick with it.”

Because the more I become familiar with unpleasant feelings, in a controlled environment, observing my thoughts, body sensations and reactions, the more I can learn not to take them too seriously.


Then I might even stand a chance with the pleasant ones, which are made of the same stuff but much harder to manage. Otherwise, when I feel great, I will be at risk of believing that I have solved everything, become complacent, and later even fearful, clinging to things that may be bound to change.  Better to enjoy, appreciate, stay on course and not be taken for a ride.


Better to not confuse pleasant/unpleasant with right/wrong.




Author: JD

Image by Thomas Ulrich from  Pixabay 

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