Diary #192 - Mini Steps

I am finding the concept of mini-steps, mini-habits super interesting. I reckon the ingredients are:

  1. Dig back to a first step so small that it requires no effort.
  2. Find a way to remember it
  3. Find a way to do it repeatedly until it becomes a habit.

For example, here is one that my brother has inspired me to start, with the goal of become fitter:

  1. Hang from a pull-up bar once every day (doing any pull-ups is a bonus)
  2. Announce it on this blog post
  3. Place pull-up bar at home entrance so I frequently walk by it.

Now let’s see if I can stay stronger that my 13yr old son a year longer…


I have also started including mini-habits when facilitating mindfulness courses. It is quite effective because mindfulness (increased self-awareness) makes it easier for people to come up with smart, actionable strategies. 





Author: JD

Image by kinate from  Pixabay 

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