Diary #193 - Translators and Interpreters

Asking something as simple as “Where are the vegetables?” is not always straight forward, even at home.

It has to pass through translators and interpreters.  Stick with me here:

  1. Intention: desire to know where they are
  2. Translation: my mind translates it into [English] words
  3. Transmission: you receive my words as sounds, packaged with my tonality and expression
  4. Interpretation: you interpret the information filtered through your life experience and current emotional state.


In fact this simple question can even lead to an argument.  And we are both left wondering “What is going on? Why are you so agro!?”. 


3 days later looking back though, it all makes sense. I was feeling irritable about something completely unrelated, let’s say my piano keyboard, when I asked you the question. Consequently, my words came with an irritable tone and expression.  Of course you receive everything as one package, and when you are already feeling cranky, you get even more riled up and respond aggressively.  Then I’m thinking what’s going on, without realising I started it.


I find it quite helpful to look back at arguments. And with practices that improve self-awareness, like mindfulness, it can be even more interesting and insightful.


Of course this drama over vegetables is only theoretical and I didn’t have it last Friday… 




Author: JD

Image by -Rita und mit from Pixabay

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