Diary #194 - Poor Memory Aid

This week it was so nice to go to a work event and not have impostor syndrome.

I get this because of my relatively poor memory: not remembering people, deals and the market in general. The difficulty shows up as constant subtle underlying tension and an over-active mind looking for protection from the “what-ifs”.


It was so nice to be forthright in saying “I don’t remember,” and to be relaxed if the work-chat came to a standstill: relaxed enough so that after a drink I could even have a laugh, arguably the best thing for networking.


What made the difference?

  1. A dash of mindfulness so I experienced the stress as just a body sensation
  2. Knowledge that my colleagues have my back, and
  3. Gin and Tonic.


Maybe it is worth packaging this "mbGT"  -  mind back Gin and Tonic. 




Author: JD

Image by Geraldine Dukes  from Pixabay

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