Diary #195 Street Wisdom

Here is a nice activity that often helps me get unstuck. 

I find it useful when struggling to make a decision, or move on from something that is persistently on my mind.


It comprises some tuning-in exercises and then wondering around pondering a question over an hour with no agenda.  By ‘experiencing’ a recurring question with a different frame of mind one often finds interesting answers or at least pointers in the right direction.


I reckon you will find it particularly interesting if you are into ‘active mindfulness’ and/or coaching. Check out the website:https://www.streetwisdom.org/


Separately I will be running an online session on Mon 24th 1030-12UK time, for 5 people max. Ping me if you are interested.



Author: JD

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay


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