Diary #200 No-Think-Seconds

"Like we have a no-smoking-day we should have a no-thinking-day." 

This is a suggestion from an author called Eckhart Tolle who is an advocate of present moment awareness, or ‘not getting caught up in unhelpful thoughts at unhelpful times.’


I am attempting a shorter version:’ no-thinking-seconds’.


I am finding it helpful when my mind is very active, particularly with decision making and multi-tasking. For example, on Friday whilst taking the dog for a walk, I was thinking of family travel logistics and being indecisive about the wording of work email, all at the same time.


Noticing what was going on and 'no-thinking', time and time again, made the walk more pleasant and relaxing.


I like these small doable actions that can be regularly repeated and who knows, even turned into habits… 




Author: JD

Image by Robert Jones from Pixabay


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