Diary #206 Some Ways to Ease-up on Thinking

Sometimes my mind can be running incessantly. 

I can be caught up on a specific topic that doesn't go away, or a jumble of various which feels like white noise.        


I find that having tools to stop my thoughts (even for a few seconds), or at least soften their charge, can be quite helpful and often refreshing.  Here are some I have been experimenting with:

  • Quiet meditation - sitting still with no interruptions for 30mins+, my mild gradualy slows down;
  • Qi-gung - I find slow deliberate movements draw my attention away from the head;
  • Wim Hof - plunging in cold water makes my thoughts completely disappear;
  • Free diving - this has a real-time feedback loop where the stiller my mind is, the longer I can stay underwater.

If you have any techniques that you find helpful, particularly ones that can be applied in the day-to-day I'd love to hear about them.  




Author: JD

Image by LIMAT MD ARIF  from Pixabay


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    David (Monday, 02 October 2023 02:03)

    All of these change my physiology and psychology within seconds.

    Take one slow mindful breath. I do this frequently throughout the day.

    Stretching for 1-2 mins. Endorphin hit.

    Basketball - this is light cardio and provides a nice escape/treat. I go to my local court and shoot for 20-30 mins daily.

    Pushups - a set of 10 pushups, slow down, fast up is like hitting an internal reset button. Nice dopamine hit.

    Kudos for keeping the blog going!