Diary #208 Mindful Attitudes 2 of 8: 'Non-Judgment'

Scenario a) He's not listening again, what a cocky arrogant @£%Q£.  So full of himself. Ok if that's how it is!?!?

Scenario b)  He's not listening again. FULL STOP.  I can see there is tension so I will hold off till he sits in his room, away from everyone else.  Then I'll talk matter of factly. At the end of the day he knows the consequences.


Judgement is polarising, sometimes wrong and often emotionally charged. If I intentionally drop it I can see things more unfiltered. Then my response is more informed and appropriate, be it aggressive or calm.


If I want to be more tuned in to the dynamics of a situation it is helpful to reign in on my judgement. 



Author: JD

Image by Igor Schubin  from Pixabay


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