Diary #209 Mindful Attitudes 3 of 8: 'Compassion'

Compassion is like a mother's hug. An it's-ok-no-explanations-needed-kind-of-feeling.

It brings closeness. 


How is this helpful in my day-to-day though? In the context of mindfulness, of "being intentionally more present" how can I utilise compassion?


Here is an example (fictional ofcourse!):

  • Things aren't going great for me today. I have a cloudy mind and feel irritable with everyone. I deliberately tune in to my present moment experience: what is happening? I notice tension on the forehead and shoulders.
  • I also notice persistent background thoughts on how stupid I was for not engaging a laywer for X's citizenship application. Ok this is the cause of my irritation. Let me be bring some compassion, in this case to myself: "It's happened, it's ok. It's ok. It's ok..."
  • Now the thoughts have dissolved, irritation as gone and my mind is more clear. Now I can go have some quality time with the family.

Compassion, however subtle, can be very valuable at times. 



Author: JD

Image by Pavan Prasad  from Pixabay


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