Diary #210 Mindful Attitudes 4 of 8: 'Acceptance'

I can’t think of anything to write for this week’s blog post. And I have to finish by this evening. So annoying...

Ok, this week’s theme is Acceptance, so let’s try it.  Let’s experiment.


What is going on, right now as I’m writing?  I am trying to find relevant examples from the past and my mind is jumping from one theme to the other. Nothing fits. And trying to slow down is hard. Right now, I  just can’t do it.

  • Ok let’s just acknowledge it. Yes it’s difficult and I’m not succeeding.
  • Ok my face has softened a bit. Less resistance. But it’s still annoying.  And I still haven’t come up with a solution - £^@£$%!!
  • Ok let’s be real. Now I’m annoyed at being annoyed. A bit ridiculous really.
  • Funny, my expression has softened again.  What does that mean? Who cares, stop analysing, just accept it. 
  • Now what was I writing about? Oh yes, about how I can utilise acceptance in a situation.  Well, a blog doesn’t have to be perfect and what I have just written will be fine.

Yes, indeed.  Acceptance as a way of not-beating-myself-up is very useful at times. 



Author: JD

Image by WikiImages  from Pixabay


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