Diary #211 Mindful Attitudes 5 of 8: 'Beginner's Mind'

Why would  ever I want to forget my experience and go back to being a beginner?

Because a 'beginner's mind' helps me be aware of my conditioned filters. And removing my filters, I might notice what is hidden in visible sight.


For example, I may be frustrated that my son leaves his room so messy.   If he just put his clothes in the drawers he would not spend ages looking for them. And telling him to tidy falls on deaf ears.


But maybe if I drop my agenda, walk in as if it were the first time, I may notice that next to his room is my own untidy desk. I may recognise there is a correlation and that the best way to get him to listen, maybe the only way, is to lead by example.


Now you may think this is obvious, even silly.  But getting accustomed to any environment, physical or psychological, will narrrow my view. An attitude of 'beginner's mind' can be very helpful, particularly in situations that 'have always been done this way'



Author: JD

Image by esudroff  from Pixabay


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