Diary #213 Mindful Attitudes 7 of 8: 'Gratitude'

Of course I know I should be grateful for what I've got, who doesn't?

Let's be realistic though, how can I apply it in my day-to-day?  Well, I need to be aware of the following:

  • If I am grateful about something, I am less resistant. If I am less resistant I am more tuned in.
  • If I break something into parts there is always something I can be grateful for.       

Here is an example from yesterday, hypothetical of course!

  • I have an aquaintance helping me with a power of attorney. I have rescheduled our meeting twice and need to do it a third time, all in the same day.  I'm dreading it.
  • Ok let's break it down into components: sending message; thoughts of how he will take it; uneasiness inside me… Let's take the latter.
  • I have been experimenting daily with 'compartmentalising' unpleasant feelings through observation. [will explain in another blog]. Well today's opportunity has just come up! Great. Now my relationship to the situation is different. It almost feels positive.
  • A few seconds later, somehow the dread has dissolved,  I write and send the message*

Gratitude is definitely a skill worth cultivating.


  *P.S.  I did not get my meeting but at least I tried. 


Author: JD

Image by Ilo  from Pixabay


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