Diary #218 The Echo of Delayed Emotions

This year, I have become increasingly aware of a curious phenomenon: delayed emotional responses.

It's like muscle soreness two days after the first gym session, or the gradual realisation of losing a job.  Whilst impactful events are obvious, there are multitudes of small ones that can easily go unnoticed.  Being aware can mean less confusion, greater understanding and a more successful strategy.


For example, yesterday I noticed my mood shifting without apparent cause.  Everyone around me was annoying…but were they really?!  Upon reflection I have linked it to regularly skipping physiotherapy for my damaged knee.  I can hear a persistent barely audible voice saying “you’re going to get injured again – what an idiot”. And I know it’s going to get louder, so good think I spotted it early.


So let’s nip it in the bud by writing about it here (a bit of accountability always works for me!).  And when my mood gets better, I’ll also know why…


Tuning in to delayed emotional responses can be very handy.





Author: JD

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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