Diary #219 Dog Whisperer

Have you watched The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan? 

He treats dogs with all sorts of problems from barking, attacking, fear of vacuum cleaners…  The techniques are great to watch but it boils down to the dogs needing grounded caring leadership. Sounds like what we need as people too, no?


Six weeks ago my brother and I adopted two dogs from a rescue home, Laika and Milo. They are amazing and come with trauma that needs work.  For me in particular, who loves real-time-mind-training, it is an amazing experience as my mind state plays a pivotal role.  Working with dogs is a great way to tune in to one’s unspoken communication – actions and demeanour – with the added bonus of real time feedback.  For example, this week I noticed that their aggression to other dogs dissolves a lot faster when I am relaxed holding the lead and 'know' it's all ok.


And if you’re curious about the dog whisperer here is a nice youtube clip titled "Stopping a Dog Fight". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm66HLT2j3E



Author: JD

Image by Donald Clark from Pixabay


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