Diary #224 Mindfulness and Discipline (3 of 3)

3.  Tactical Tweaks

How do I feel if I do what I set out to do?

And how do I feel if I don't?


Careful observation shows me that discipline is related to emotional investment,  such as wanting to feel positive or not wanting to feel negative.  However the degree of investment is more important than what it's made of.  Insufficient and it's easy to forget, whilst excessive may lead to frustration and burnout.  A good analogy is the racetrack, where both acceleration and braking are required.

  • If emotional investment is too little, maybe I can increase it with accountability, mini-habits, maybe even a bet.
  • If it's too much maybe I should use things like equanimity training or cognitive practices such as 'CBT'.

Either way the more tuned in I am to my state at a given moment the more likely I can implement tactical tweaks.



Author: JD

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