Diary #226 North Star

Do you ever go up and down in mood and confidence even when things are going well? 

I've noticed this pattern over the last few months, and it made me think of the value of having direction, a North Star'.


How did that come about?  Sometimes I feel low and irritable, and although my actions have remained consistent, I have this nagging thought that 'something' needs to change.  This can be quite draining and go on for days with no answers... until my mood lifts again.


So how can become less absorbed?  Seeing friends who have clear goals, whether in business or something else, seems to help them remain more stable.  It's like having a compass, having a North Star.


Hmm. I'd like some more of that.

So I'll start paying more attention to my goals, make them more relevant and alive.  And why not, write about them later, so they become more real.



Author: JD

Image by dominique from Pixabay


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