Diary #227 Cold Plunge

It's been a busy week for me and mentally draining, in particular juggling with numbers from one deal to another, with no room for mistakes.

Work finishes but the mind is still running, numbers and thoughts whirling. Do you ever get that? If not - lucky you. If yes, I have a cure.  Not pleasant but it works: Cold plunge.

  • Unpleasant (at first) and intense.
  • Without any mental effort my full attention rushes to the body - all thoughts disappear.
  • After 5 minutes my autonomic nervous system has responded and I have become warm, present, awake and ready to engage with the rest of the day.

A cold-water plunge is very effective in shutting down thought clutter.



Author: JD

Image by miezekieze from Pixabay


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