Diary #228 Dog Stuff

Home in the evening and whilst we're meant to spend quality time together, we are all annoyed at each other.

It's usual mundane family stuff but at times they get to you and it's hard to park-them-for-the-time-being and have some quality time.  Specifically, it is hard to shift the underlying emotion.


Then the dog joins us, does his doggy affectionate stuff, we all melt and focus on him.  Before we know it, the previous feelings of resentment, anger, disappointment etc have all gone and we have our quality time together.


What does this tell me? When my FULL attention inhabits a new place the previous emotional state is erased. Ah, so this is why things like cold water, high intensity exercise, cute doggies, even new urgent tasks, can be effective in getting me out of a slump.


So it’s helpful to have a tool box with various options, experiment to see what works and of course to remember that it’s easier when an emotional charge is not that high.



Author: JD

Image by Fran • @mallorcadogphotography from Pixabay


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