Diary #230 Master Lincoln

I love combat sports.

Out of many, many different coaches I’ve had over the years, the most impressive was a Thai/kickboxing coach called Master Lincoln:  very low key and uncommercial – no website or social media.


The lessons were just sparring – no pad work, no bags, no drills. At the end of each round everyone was asked “what have you learnt”.  This made us more tuned in and observant.


For example, I still remember a very frustrating 2nd round where my sparring partner was continuously landing punches to my head. She had learnt that whenever she lifted her guard too high, I would always go for a body shot and expose my head. 


The coach never ‘taught’. All he did was enable the experience.

It makes me realise that for all the books I read and podcasts I listen to, the best way to develop is to get in the ring.



Author: JD

Image by David Bailey from Pixabay


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