Diary #232 Everyday Life - Peripheral Vision

I love mind-training using tweaks I can apply in my everyday activities.

These methods might not lead to immediate, drastic changes, but rather subtle shifts that accumulate over time – similar to the slow movement of the hour hand on a clock.  The best ones must be easy and interesting enough to do countless of times.


One that is effortless, is tuning in to my peripheral vision.  It’s something I can engage in anytime, without pressure.  And it’s interesting because I see details and interactions in my surroundings without the need to stare directly at them.


By doing this I notice three benefits: firstly it helps me train the attention muscle; secondly, it makes my walk to the office more interesting; and thirdly it encourages me to be more present and less wrapped up in my own thoughts.



Author: JD

Image by winterseitler from Pixabay


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