Diary #235 Everyday Life - Tonality

- Sometimes I may speak quickly because I'm excited, and I don't get my point across as effectively.

- Sometimes I may be heard better in a noisy group if I intentionally speak slowly and quietly.


- Sometimes when I ask for something mundane, I may have an apologetic tone and make it seem like a big deal.


- Sometimes when I ask for something sensitive, I may speak 'matter of factly' making it seem like a non-issue.


Increasingly I am recognising that 'tonality' is very important in communication.  One can find whole courses on it. It is even a core topic on Jordan Belfort's (Wolf of Wall Street) sales training.


Nowdays I am trying to be aware of my tonality.  Intentionally experimenting, be it on a zoom call, or trying to get my son to do the dishes, can be very interesting. Also it makes me more present to the conversation. 



Author: JD

Image by 12019 from Pixabay


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