Diary #236 Everyday Life - Looking at the goal

Not living by the sea and not doing my favourite sport, surfing, I have been taking a stab at skateboarding.  

To some extent it creates a similar feeling, but falls are significantly more painful.  This however means that doses of adrenaline and dopamine are more accessible, as there are multiple stages to advance on the skate park.


There is a drop that I am currently working on and I have had an interesting discovery.  Rather than focusing on the drop I now focus on the flat ground beyond.


I reckon there is some wisdom in focusing on 'reaching the goal' rather than 'not falling', which is probably relevant to many life situations.  It is making me more aware of the possibility (and benefit) of such a deliberate shift in everyday challenges. 



Author: JD

Image by Jonas Svidras from Pixabay


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