Diary #237 Everyday Life - Taking in the Good

Rick Hanson was, in his words, a dorky shy kid growing up. He became aware that if he paid attention to good feelings that came up, the feeling would be prolonged. 

Over the years he became an expert at ‘taking in the good’ and has become a successful psychologist and best-selling author.


I am currently following a course from a book called “Hardwiring Happiness”.  I find it interesting that there are well researched and refined techniques to ‘take in the good’.  One very useful concept is what I call micro-doses of goodness. My latest is that I paused for a couple of seconds before starting this sentence and noticed that the temperature in my room is cosy. If I regularly remember to be aware of small, good things, drop by drop, over time it has an impact.


If you are motivated to take in the good I would highly recommend recognising one tiny thing that is good right now when you finish reading …and again when you next remember.  And if you want to do it more effectively, getting the book “Hardwiring Happiness” is a good start. 



Author: JD

Image by Thomas from Pixabay


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