Diary #240 Unforced Stretching

I have a damaged medial collateral ligament (MCL) on my right knee and the tissue has healed thicker and tighter. 

I need to stretch regularly. If I miss a couple of days it the flexibility deteriorates rapidly. Then when I stretch again, I want to do so with greater impatience and effort. But the most effective stretching is when I fully relax and give it time. I let the leg do its own thing. 


Sometimes meditation works well this way too. If I stay quiet with my thoughts and drop any intention of forcing a change, sometimes things loosen up.  For example, being tired in a networking event last week, it was an effort trying to have conversations.  Then I loosened up and rather than filling silences with questions I opened them with statements, like friends do.  It felt way more natural.




Author: JD

Image by dni2012 from Pixabay


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