Diary #242 Qi Gung

Today there is a huge range of 'meditative' practices, catering for different tastes and purposes. 

Among them, I find Qigong (Chi Kung) quite handy when my mind is overactive, like it has been earlier this month.


Qigong’s slow, intentional and flowing movements have a way of effortlessly drawing my attention to the body. It’s not that I start thinking of the body, rather, sensations become more pronounced and my thoughts recede into the background: the volume is reduced. 


There is also an interesting feedback loop that occurs as I become more present: moving my palms close to each other feels a bit like magnets. I used to share it with staff and kids at my son's primary school a few years ago. Not everyone gets it, but for those that do it's a novel and attractive sensation.


So when do I turn to Qigong?  When a) I find it too difficult to 'ground' myself through meditation, b) a cold bath or intense exercise is impractical c) I have a few minutes to spare.


If you are curious about Qigong try out the first 15mins of this guided youtube video.





Author: JD

Image by MichaelRaab from Pixabay


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