Diary #244 Butterflies

I like this quote from Jon Jones, arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC:

“When you have butterflies and you have anxiety or are nervous, that’s when you’re most powerful... A lot of people, instead of honing this power and using it, they allow it to just consume them... Either you can allow this fire to consume you and just take you over completely, or you can gain control of this fire and harness it... That’s what I’m trying to do... use this adrenaline to my advantage.”


Now I'm not going to fight or obliterate anyone around me, so why do I find it useful?  Reading it changes my relationship with fear and anxiety. So when I'm about to make the call, I still feel shitty and anxious but NOT RESENTFUL of it.  I find this a subtle but significant difference. 




Author: JD

Image by Daniel Kirsch  from Pixabay


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