Diary #245 New Normals

My friend SMD who had chronic pain was asked before an operation that would relieve it how it was on a scale of 1 to 10.

He said 1 and the doctors were surprised. Only after the operation he realised what no pain actually was.  He had been conditioned to a 'new normal'.


This reminds me of having chronic stresses in all forms. Sometimes it requires going on the outside to see them and gain perspective.  This is why encounters that take one out of the norm can be very useful.  Sometimes life throws them. Or they can be proactively created: in my experience silent retreats are particularly effective. They are specifically tailored for this, meaning not only one experiences life in a different perspective, but in a tailor-made, supportive environment. In the UK gaiahouse.co.uk has a very good reputation and is recommended by Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. 




Author: JD

Image by Polly Guimaraes  from Pixabay


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