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29 August 2017
Holding on to the buoy, bobbing gently up and down in rhythm with the waves. Beneath me a freediving line, disappearing into the darkness. Somewhere below is a white disk, my depth marker, where I have to get to.
22 May 2017
[700 words]. Will document a mindful experience: eating a chocolate. Start with some centring meditation. Relaxed. Soft muscles along the shoulders. Flowing alignment in the body. Nice. Pleasant.
27 April 2017
[500 words]. Sitting. Relaxed. A raspberry in view. A soft texture, malleable to the touch. Deep redness. White spots where the light reflects, the grooves along each segment a darker red. Tiny hairs sticking out, like those of a stinging nettle.
27 April 2017
Over the sink. Reaching out to grab the toothbrush. A familiar movement, a familiar contact and texture. The other arm picks up the toothpaste. The first manoeuvres the toothbrush inside the palm, freeing up the thumb and index finger to unscrew the lid. In a many-times exercised motion toothpaste is swiped on, the lid is screwed back and the tube rested on the cabinet.
27 April 2017
My call is today. Feeling nervous. The guy is an expert in the field. What do I have to offer? Nervousness is creeping in...
17 April 2017
Settled on an window seat: Great Western to London. Comfortable. A firm solid support holding my back rather more upright than it is during my usual sofa-lounging at home.